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Living Careers provides its clients the power, and the personalized one-on-one attention needed to find happiness, healing, peace, wellness, and passion in career and life through Motivational Career Counseling, Life/Career Coaching, and Spiritual Counseling. Whether looking to find your path, change careers, or obtain some new insight or wisdom about the path you are on, Living Careers is on the journey with you towards growth and healing.

Here at Living Careers we believe in turning your Insight to Action, creating reality and opportunity through planning of ideas, passion and creative thought, and Making the Most of Your Life.

Press and Publications

The November issue of Career Convergence - a web magazine put out by the National Career Development Association for Career Counselors has published
SERENDIPITOUS MOMENTS - MORE THAN JUST CHANCE written by Danielle Gruen. Click here to read the full article!


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